How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS? How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS

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Your site does not appear secure after SSL is installed, what to do to resolve this issue .

Method 1: Force from cPanel First login to cPanel then click Domains from domain section

Then select the check mark option on the right side of the domain you want to force, the check mark will not work if SSL is not installed, SSL must be installed first.

Method 2: Using https instead of http in WordPress Settings

You can follow the screenshot to forward http to https for WordPress websites.
Login WordPress Dashboad>Settings>General

Method 3: Using a Plugin for WordPress Site

It is an easy way to forward http to https by installing a plugin for a WordPress site. Just follow the instructions bellow.

Login WordPress Dashboard> Plugin>Add New>Search Keyword “Simple SSL”. You will find a Plugin “Really Simple SSL”. Install the plugin and activate it. It will forward http to https. We added a screenshot bellow.