What is domain and hosting?

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* Domain

Many people have the question “What is a domain?” And who registered the first domain name? I would like to know more about this. So those who are new to the internet world or ask "What is a domain?" And who registered the first domain name? Today I made a detailed post for them. Hope after reading the post all the queries you have about domain will get clear easily.

Now let's discuss, Domain is an English word, its Bengali meaning is a place or address that is used in the Internet world. Basically, a domain name usually refers to the name of a website.

Suppose you set up a business and give it a nice and unique name so that people can easily understand what kind of service you are trying to provide. Later, when people go to take your services, they will easily find your business through the name you have given. For example: — Prathamalo, Prana, RFL, Tirara, Yamuna, Vasundhara talk. These are basically the name of a business that we can easily understand what kind of services they provide and how people can easily find their address.

The domain is the name by which people will find your website. This domain name will uniquely identify your website and also everyone will recognize and access your website using this name.

Every website has a specific IP address. For example: It is usually difficult to remember websites by IP address. So domain names are used instead of IP addresses for ease of remembering. Domain names are also used to identify one or more computers on the Internet.

* Hosting

Most people know what a domain is. If you buy a domain you must buy a hosting for it. You buy a domain means you buy a place on the internet, now you have to keep your domain online 24/7. For this you need a hosting company. Websites are the most popular and easy way to present any information to others. Today's computer users are barely aware of websites. Simply put, a website is a way to present your information to others - be it text or multimedia (eg images, audio or video) in any form. It is the job of the web developer to display them beautifully on the website. And making your website available for others to view is known as web hosting.

If your website is compared to your organization's office building, its information or content will be its furniture. And developing a website can be compared to building a house. In that case, website hosting can be compared to buying space for your office building and building the house on that space. Only then visitors will be able to use the website. The place where a web site resides is the hosting of that site. We see that any web site is made up of some text and multimedia (Picture / Video). The space or BIT occupied by these is called hosting of the site. But best of all Domain and Hosting can be explained by example.


1. You have a house.
2. The house is on 1 acre of land.
3. The house address is 500/5 Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

In the case of websites

1. Your site content on your home page
2. Home is the hosting of your web site
3. The home address is the domain of the website

Hosting can be of several types such as: Shared Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Virtual Private Server etc.

How hosting works?

When someone searches the Internet by writing the domain of your website in the browser, the domain name will be converted into an IP address and taken to the computer of the web hosting company where the content, images, videos, and various files of your website are stored. From there, the uploaded files are instantly sent to the visitor's or user's browser. Then the user sees that website. This is basically how web hosting works.

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